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In this case, for example, I created class social-share-btn and comboclasses for each social network I want to use: fb, tw, gplus, pin,tmb, email, pinb, lnk, redd Next step, use the embed code component and add any of the snippets showed below: IMPORTANT NOTE: Thanks Sabanna. As I mentioned, it will share PAGE, where that button is.

If I understood well, this solution is not for CMS-driven pages, where not only the share URL is dynamic, but the title, description and thumbnail as well. It will NOT work for sharing only PART OF CONTENT from current page. I've been working quite hard to get all of this in order.

You can go under my Publication Template to see the page.https://preview.webflow.com/preview/optimamtl?

preview=7a0f19e9bafe3673d1a5818c76d2a88b Hello, @justin.forest I think you get lost in the process of creating buttons 1) You should create buttons from regular Webflow link or link-block.

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